Virtual BM - delivering extra profit to your dealership

Virtual BM - delivering extra profit to your dealership
Here's how it works

Virtual BM will give all your customers a call, after your own sales team have had the opportunity to present add on products and present to them any products that they may not have purchased. Then Virtual BM will let you know what your customers have decided to add to their order, so you can add it to their invoice:

  • paint and interior protection
  • vehicle accesories
  • total loss / gap insurance
  • manufacturers motor insurance

We can also provide assistance with the following:

  • prospecting
  • finance renewals
  • warranty renewals
  • service plans
What will it cost my dealership?

The only thing it will cost your dealership is a percentage of the overall profit that Virtual BM will generate.

How would it feel to be 100% confident that evey customeris being offered every product, every time?

Remember your sales team will still have the first opportunity to offer your customers those important extras - and if they don't, you have Virtual BM as a safety net!