Virtual BM - delivering extra profit to your dealership

Virtual BM - delivering extra profit to your dealership

"We have worked closely together for the last 2 years with Virtual BM, as a second string to our sales department, and have found this has increased our sales of accessories, insurance etc. The service that we, and our customers, receive from Virtual BM is exceptional and has helped us to maintain our manufacturers CCS rating at the top of the league."

John Carlisle
Managing Director
Farmer & Carlisle Toyota

"Having worked closely with Virtual BM for 2 years, I have found them to be extremely efficient and professional in the way they look after our customers. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to increase Sales, Profit and Customer Satisfaction within their business."

Simon Boxall
Operations Director
Jemca Toyota

"We have been using Virtual BM since its inception in 2009 in our two busy Toyota Centres with great success. We have found the company to be very professional in every aspect of its business and the way they look after our customers. We have numerous letters of praise from our clients on how they were looked after by Amanda & her team. We have seen an increase of over 30% in our paint protection product, a 21% uplift on our accessories sales, and a massive 53% increase in our service plan sales. I would have no hesitation in recommending Virtual BM to any business wanting to strengthen their customer satisfaction & bottom line profit."

Tim Murphy
Franchise Director
Toll House Toyota Crawley

"We choose to use Virtual BM as their professional approach towards our business helps us to maximise every sales opportunity over a broad spectrum of products, without compromising our high standards of customer satisfaction. Always courteous and helpful, we are confident that Virtual BM take the utmost care when dealing with our customers, without a hard sell approach."

Ashley Humphries
Dealer Principal
Hills of Woodford

"Having known Amanda Watts through her professional career in the Motor industry, I had no reservation's in using her services and skills within our Sales organisation. It has proven to be a great safety net & second facing opportunity to add profit to our business."

Bill Gower
Lexus Centre Manager
Lexus Woodford

"Virtual BM offers a fantastic service which I think more dealers should take advantage of, and it doesn't actually cost the dealer anything until the product is sold! There is a great opportunity to offer customers paint protection between the placement of the order and delivery and I think any dealer not doing this themselves, or using Virtual BM is missing out on a great opportunity"

Lance Boseley
Jewelultra Ltd.

"Virtual BM is proving to be an exceptionally useful service to our customers. Supagard accounts that use Virtual BM find that their overall Supagard sales have increased considerably, due not only to the Virtual BM Team's expertise, but also to the effect it has on their own Sales Teams, as they know that someone is going to be making a call with a first class presentation, if they have been unsuccessful in selling Supagard. Furthermore, my customers always receive excellent service from Virtual BM - their professionalism is outstanding both in terms of dealer care, and dealer's customer's care. I would have no hesitation in recommending Virtual BM to any car dealer that wishes to drive up sales of Supagard."

Terry Abbott
Divisional Director

"This company has now been using the services of Virtual BM for well over six months - We are now enjoying the increased profitability that goes with the 'upsells' achieved by Virtual BM which is most welcome at all times. Keep up the good work Amanda... and many thanks."

Jeff Goodacre
General Manager
EMG Motor Group

"At Steven Eagell Toyota we made the decision to use VirtualBM as we not only wanted to increase sales of 'extras' in general but were looking for a way in which to achieve an element of consistency across our group as a whole. We have now been using VirtualBM for a year and are delighted to see substantial improvements to our business.
Our 'add on' sales have increased by 28% YTD mainly from 2 distinct areas, one being the actual sales by VirtualBM and the other from the enhanced performance by our Sales Teams (who are safe in the knowledge that the VBM will be following up their customers with a phone call).
Of equal importance is the benefit to our customers in having contact with VirtualBM prior to vehicle handover. This additional contact is valuable as it ensures that our customers receive an excellent level of service and covers various aspects of vehicle handover information. Any queries that our customers may have about their new vehicle are always dealt with in a very professional manner by the team at VirtualBM, helping us to ensure that we achieve Complete Customer Satisfaction.
Having a VirtualBM has proven to be a huge asset to our growing company and has exceeded our expectations in terms of volume."

Gary Smith
Group Operations Director
Steven Eagell Toyota

"Virtual BM has assisted Benfield in improving a number of KPI's across several key areas of our business. Improving incremental sales of key products, the support has also helped us drive individual performances on our site."

Colin Pybus
Operations Director
Benfield Motor Group

"We have been working with VirtualBM for the last 4 years, and have seen the positive impact of having them contact our customers to ensure every opportunity is taken to give our customers the benefit of having their vehicles protected with GardX.
Incremental sales of paint protection have been extremely successful, accounting for a 10%-20% increase in sales of GardX from site to site and brand to brand, which in turn has also helped to motivate our own sales teams to present the product at point of sale.
They are extremely professional and helpful when dealing with our customers, and have always found them to go out of their way to make sure our customers experience exceptional service.
I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda and her team to anyone wishing to drive up sales of additional products."

Mark Haydon
Group Retail Finance Manager
Sturgess Motor Group

"VirtualBM have helped us to focus on paint protection, accessories and service plan sales, across all our outlets.
We engaged them initially to implement a reliable second sweep on these products, but instantly noticed that the knock on effect of using them had a positive influence on our sales teams, resulting in much more consistent results on these products. Amanda and her team have proved to be the perfect back-up for us, and their ongoing results accurately pinpoint where we need to instigate after-sales product training.
I am more than happy to endorse VirtualBM to any Motor Dealership wishing to increase add-on sales."

Barry Ives
Managing Director
Toomey Motor Group

"At the suggestion of our Supagard representative, we trialed VirtualBM at our busy Canterbury dealership, and were surprised at how effective their service was.
We saw an immediate upturn in our sales teams’ Supagard sales, which was then replicated when we rolled out to the rest of the group, and has been maintained throughout the time we have been using the service.
I would also like to say that we’ve been extremely pleased with the feedback we’ve had from customers on the quality of the telephone contacts made by VirtualBM personnel. Very helpful, very polite and not pushy."

Andy Erridge
Managing Director
Northgate Garage Group

"Amanda and the team at VirtualBM have had a positive influence on sales of add-on products for us, and are always very obliging and professional with our customers.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

Rob Dier
Regional Director
Lookers Ford

"The decision to use VirtualBM was made as we felt we were not maximising every opportunity to present the full range of Audi after sales products to our customers.
Since going live with VirtualBM we have been delighted with their exceptional customer service, and are pleased that a higher percentage of our customers, both in our Epsom and Walton locations, have been made aware of the products available to them."

Drift Bridge Group

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