Virtual BM - delivering extra profit to your dealership

Virtual BM - delivering extra profit to your dealership
What is Virtual BM?

It's a way of having the advantage of dedicated, high calibre sales personnel who can focus on just about any vehicle related sales prospect. From sales of Accessories and Paint Protection, making appointments for launch evenings and finance renewals, through to presenting FCA regulated products and service plans, Virtual BM augments the efforts made by your existing Sales Team, and your own Business Manager if you have one, ensuring that every single opportunity is maximised.

Of equal importance is customer satisfaction, and Virtual BM are meticulous in the way we deal with our client's customers. Our calls are perceived to be helpful and attentive, enhancing the customer's experience of the dealership, and are far removed from a telesales type of call.

Why use Virtual BM?

So your dealership can consistently capitalize on every single opportunity to increase footfall, improve retention and maximise sales of vehicle related extras.

  • • To increase bottom line profit
  • • To improve customer retention
  • • To improve and maintain your sales team's performance of add on sales
  • • To give your customers valuable extra attention

Some dealerships solely rely on their Sales Team to cope with this variety of tasks, and accept that some areas are going to be weaker than others. However, dealerships that use Virtual BM are able to maintain a strong and consistent focus, across all these key areas.